Best Team for Venti in Genshin Impact

Best Build for Venti in Genshin Impact
Venti is a 5-star Anemo Anemo bow character in Genshin Impact. This guide covers the best teams for Venti.

Team #1: Ayato International

Best Build for Ayato in Genshin ImpactHydro


Ayato as the Driver, Sub DPS
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Ayato works as Xiangling's Vaporize enabler and contributes with some Hydro damage, furthey increased by Bennett and Venti's kits.

Ayato can be replaced with:
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Best Build for Xiangling in Genshin ImpactPyro


Xiangling as the Off Field DPS
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Xiangling acts as the Main DPS through her Burst, profiting from Bennett's ATK Buff, Sucrose's shredding and Ayato's Hydro application.

Best Build for Venti in Genshin ImpactAnemo


Venti as the Crowd Control
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Venti is a very odd character. He is either must play or useless based on the type of enemies you have to deal with. If there are many enemies scattered around, then Venti is OP. If there is a boss or few heavy enemies, then Venti is useless. Consider using him with this rule in mind, he also works just fine in any team with a flexible slot.

Best Build for Bennett in Genshin ImpactPyro


Bennett as the ATK buffer
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Bennett's utility consists in providing a huge ATK boost to the team as well as Pyro resonance. He can't really be replaced as his contribute is unique.

Team #2: Morgana (Ganyu Freeze)

Best Build for Ganyu in Genshin ImpactCryo


Ganyu as the Main DPS
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Ganyu takes advantage from the Freeze reaction, Cryo resonance and 4pc Blizzard Strayer to gain 55% Crit Rate (+20% from A1 passive = 75% Crit Rate on her charged attacks). She is the main damage dealer and her numbers get furtherly increased by Cryo swirl and her own passive talents. This team mostly uses Ganyu's burst as a main source of DPS together with Venti's, as both have quadratic scaling (more enemies hit = more damage). Note: Bosses can't be frozen, so this team is not effective against them.

Best Build for Kokomi in Genshin ImpactHydro


Kokomi as the Support / Healer
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Kokomi applies Hydro consistently enough to trigger Freeze and heals the team. If equipped with 4pc Ocean Hued Clam, she deals considerable damage as well.

Kokomi can be replaced with:
Best Build for Venti in Genshin ImpactAnemo


Venti as the VV shredder
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Venti is needed for his crowd control ability and his Burst's quadratic scaling. He is a pivot for "Morgana", and can't really be replaced, as other Anemo characters have less sucking/vacuum capabilities.

Best Build for Shenhe in Genshin ImpactCryo


Shenhe as the Support
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Shenhe batteries Ganyu, buffs Cryo DMG with her kit and enables Cryo resonance.

Shenhe can be replaced with: