Best Team for Traveler (Electro) in Genshin Impact

Best Build for Traveler (Electro) in Genshin Impact
Traveler (Electro) is a 5-star Electro Electro sword character in Genshin Impact. This guide covers the best teams for Traveler (Electro).

Team #1: Keqing Electro DPS

Best Build for Keqing in Genshin ImpactElectro


Keqing as the Main DPS
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Keqing works as the Electro On-Field DPS. This team benefits from the use of Quicken/Aggravate reaction and universal supports to increase Keqing's Electro damage as much as possible.

Keqing can be replaced with:
Best Build for Traveler (Electro) in Genshin ImpactElectro


Traveler as the Battery
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Electro Traveler provides extra particles and more Electro application.

Best Build for Collei in Genshin ImpactDendro


Collei as the Enabler, Sub DPS
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Collei enabler Quicken/Aggravate to boost Keqing's Electro attacks. Make sure to have enough ER% on Collei in order to keep her burst as much active as possible.

Collei can be replaced with:
Best Build for Traveler (Dendro) in Genshin ImpactDendro
Best Build for Kazuha in Genshin ImpactAnemo


Kazuha as the VV shredder
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Kazuha furtherly shreds Electro resistance and buffs Electro damage at the same time thanks to his A4 passive. Kazuha may be replaced with a Dendro unit if not available, to have Dendro resonance enabled.

Kazuha can be replaced with: