Best Team for Traveler (Anemo) in Genshin Impact

Best Build for Traveler (Anemo) in Genshin Impact
Traveler (Anemo) is a 5-star Anemo Anemo sword character in Genshin Impact. This guide covers the best teams for Traveler (Anemo).

Team #1: Xiao double Geo

Best Build for Xiao in Genshin ImpactAnemo


Xiao as the Main DPS
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Xiao's main source of DPS is his Anemo-converted Plunging Attacks. The Anemo conversion given by Xiao's Burst makes him lose HP continously, so a Xiao team requires healing and shielding. In this team, Xiao takes advantage of Zhongli's permanent shield and Geo resonance to increase his own damage.

Best Build for Zhongli in Genshin ImpactGeo


Zhongli as the Shielder
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Zhongli's role is to prevent Xiao's interruptions with his shield. Zhongli has the ability to keep his shield at 100% uptime and shred the enemies' resistances, as well as giving access to Geo resonance.

Zhongli can be replaced with:
Best Build for Traveler (Anemo) in Genshin ImpactAnemo


Traveler as the Shredder, Battery
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C6 Anemo Traveler shreds Anemo with their burst and helps with Xiao's energy requirements.

Best Build for Albedo in Genshin ImpactGeo


Albedo as the Sub DPS
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Albedo's purpose in this team to enable Geo resonance. He gives a notable contribution in DPS, but any Geo character actually works too, if not used elsewhere.

Albedo can be replaced with:
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